Friday, February 6, 2009

"Pick one thing and do it well"

I have been exploring my Design style a little more in depth this week.

Over the past 2 years, I have been employed by both a newspaper and a publishing company as a graphic artist. I have enjoyed both. But my my style was channeled to meet the needs of the employer and the clients, and I think I forgot what I enjoy most!

I am a very simple designer. I want to communicate clearly through my design. I love color, shapes and typography.

My style is very unique, and very versatile.

I found several graphic design contests to enter into this week, and I have been smiling through the entire process!

What a blast, to start with little direction, and come up with something amazing, communicative, colorful and purposeful!

Please help me to find more design projects, contests and challenges to enter in to!


mandylifeboats said...

i love your sense of color and design. my daughter is presently studying graphic design and she loves it as well. she gets frustrated because she has so much work and her friends in other majors look at her and say "what is the big deal, just color something". she said they don't understand the exactness of everything.

mandylifeboats said...

have u seen this contest at "wear art thou". i think u should enter.

also always has a t-shirt design contest. you should check them out as well.

mandylifeboats said...

me again, have u seen this page of contests for graphic designers: