Thursday, March 19, 2009

How is YOUR economy?

Is the talk of the economy making your head spin?
The real question is, are you directly affected by our economy?
Is our country's financial situation helping or hurting you?
This information is for those of you who have (1) either lost your main source of income (2) experienced a decline in the value of your home (3) had hours or wages cut due to the suffering economy, or (4) lost your retirement or savings in the stock market
If you have experienced any one of these life changing factors, you are wondering; "How will I recover, and when?"
Here is a link to a financial expert I found to be very interesting and helpful.
I am no financial expert, but my husband and I are experiencing first hand, what it is like to lose a significant source of income, while facing a pile of credit card debt and trying to make ends meet.
What's your situation or advice?

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Aaron n Jackie said...

Hey Jana! I love Dave Ramsey! We both just read his "total money makeover" book and we are following his plan. It's great motivation! I was going through your other posts and Aaron says the business cards look good! :) We still have to send pictures of the trucks