Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taylor's summer...

If only we could all live life so carefree as a 2 year old boy....

Taylor is interested in everything. He could careless about getting dirty, hurt or let down. He doesn't give up.

He has a strong intuition for anything with a motor, and has spent countless hours sitting on the lawnmower in the garage...

He has the wonderful opportunity to go to daycare on a farm, and loves the sight of the tractor or 4 wheeler. He was given a tractor ride earlier this summer, and has not been able to talk about that experience enough!

We also added a new family member early in the summer, a cute yellow lab mix named Lexa.

Taylor is in love with Lexa! He can't get enough of cuddling and running with her! He even crawls into Lexa's dog house with her!

If only life could be this carefree for all of us......Taylor is a joy and an inspiration in my life!

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