Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Hate You...

Is it possible for your loving 2 year old son to say something to you that will feel like a slap in the face? It happened to me today. We arrived home from daycare around 4:30 after running a few errands around town and driving by a construction scene on the railroad tracks more than once so my son Taylor could get a good look at the action. This seemed to make his day. Yes, Taylor is infatuated with anything that has a motor - tractors, lawn mowers, dozers...you name it. When we arrived home, Taylor wanted to watch a movie in his room, and Makayla wanted to watch Hannah Montana downstairs. I gave them each a monster cookie for snack, and they happily went their separate ways so I could cook dinner - lasagna. After about 45 minutes, Taylor came down to give me a hug and tell me he was finished watching his movie - he busied himself with Lego's for a few minutes, and then came to ask me if he could watch a different movie downstairs, I told him no, Makayla is watching her show downstairs, you can play something else right now. What happened next shocked me - Taylor hit me and shouted those dreadful words "I Hate You! I'm going back upstairs!"
I've heard those words before from my daughter when she was about 2 or so. The words no mom wants to hear, but will. What happens in this little mind to cause such an outburst? It is a learning process. There is so much to be expressed, and whenever a child gets the chance, emotions are expressed in many different ways.
There is a happy ending...not more than 5 minutes later, Taylor was coming down the stairs to tell me that he was ready to play again. I asked him if he still loves me, and he told me yes mommy, I don't hate you.
It's healthy for young kids to be able to express themselves, and for now I won't take it too personally!

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Shop The Gift Basket Store said...

That's OK....as of Mom of 3 in college, I heard that phrase more than once while they were in high school...and as you have come to realize they are just words of the moment to express frustration, etc. My kids are my children, but they are also my best friends!

Must have done something right!