Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's not easy being big...

As I was rushing around this morning, trying to organize my thoughts and everything else for the day, I asked my 5 year old daughter to please go fill our dog lexa's food and water bowls. Her response brought a children's sesame street book to my mind "It's Not Easy Being Big."......"Why do I have to do everything!" she said to me. "Well sweetie, sometimes mommies have so much to do, they need help." and she went on to complain about how she has to do everything, everyday, and it's not fair. As she was complaining and whining, my thoughts drifted off to how everyday life is not meant to be easy. Life is hard. You need to work hard, and if something needs to get done, you are in control of making that happen. I certainly hope that in the next 15 something years, I can change my daughter's attitude when it comes to approaching daily tasks and work.
I have always been a very focused person, and when it comes to everyday life, I have very high organization tactics. I start my day with the same routine, and always end my day with the same routine. Everything in between is different from day to day, but I always focus on accomplishing as much as I can. I give every moment of every day all that I have to offer.
Is it easy to be so driven and focused on achieving? No! But when you end each day with your feet up and a glass of wine, it's easy to look forward to another day!
Like I said, I start each day with the same routine, and most importantly, I end each day with the same routine.
Somehow, my strong organization and careful strategy has been effective so far!
My plan is to teach my children to be as positive and useful as they possibly can.

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