Thursday, August 20, 2009

The most important day of the year...

Oops - I just realized this is superman, not spiderman...I hope Superman is just as cool!

It is 2 days away from my only son's 3rd birthday, today was the day I spent looking for his gift, buying the cake ingredients, etc.....Why is this so important? Your very own birthday is the most remembered day of every child's life - not necessarily the 3rd birthday, but think back to your favorite birthday. Does one particular day stand out in your mind? What made this day so special? Was it the cake? the gift? the friends? Usually it's what someone else did for you. My most memorable birthday was my 6th birthday (it also happened to be my golden birthday, but I don't think that's what made it special) My mom made me a Barbie doll cake. There was a Barbie in the center, and she shaped the cake into this beautiful wedding gown, and frosted it with fluffy white frosting- I will never forget that birthday!
Now, as a mom, my children's birthday's are equally important. Who knows what it will be that will stand out in their minds forever, but I hope to make every birthday special, and hopefully one of them will be one to remember...Taylor will be celebrating his 3rd birthday at the fair this year, because he happens to be obsessed with tractors. I spent nearly an hour in the toy aisle at Target trying to decide what could possibly bring a smile to his little face when it comes time to rip open the packages...I decided on Legos, playdough and paint - all 3 of those things have been the highlight of his day lately. So why not add to what he already has?! I am also baking Taylor's birthday cake - I don't know what kind yet, so I bought ingredients for both white and chocolate:) Go and make someone's birthday special!!

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