Sunday, January 31, 2010

4000 + Hits in 31 days

The JES Graphics website has had over 4000 hits since January 1, 2010. What does this number mean to me? I haven't seen an increase in clients or inquirys, but have received some very positive feedback on the quality of design I provide. I have been providing Graphic Design services for over 5 years, but became self-employed full time just over 6 months ago. At this point, I am evaluating the structure, the quality and the numbers of my business. When I find a potential client, am I going about the process in a effective & professional manner? Does my potential client feel secure in the way I communicate and display my ability - enough so to hire me? What would you look for in a Graphic Designer? Particularly a self-employed freelance graphic designer? Are you looking for a formal contract, in which a deposit is required before your designer will begin working with you? Are you looking for a flexible rate? Do you judge the quality of work based on how much the designer is charging?
I am a determined & motivated individual. I am a passionate Graphic Designer. As I continue to pursue ongoing success of JES Graphics, I am looking for some simple feedback and advice. Comment below, or email me with any questions, comments or advice you may have.

Thank you!


DreamArtists Studios said...

I have used Jana exclusively for my design projects since meeting her. Her vision is incredible and her work has exceeded our highest expectations. I highly recommend her work to anyone looking for graphic design work.

Sara Waibel-Jimmys Pizza said...

When I came to Jana with an idea for a fundrasing card she greatly exceeded my expectations! I appreciated her flexibility in our project, her respect towards our budget and great enthusiasm in providing us several choices as well as sensitivity to our tight time line. I would highly recomend Jana for any project- if you have an idea she will bring it to life!
As for the ?'s on contracts, down payments etc-- I truely think that is going to be different for each project and customer.. depending on size of job etc. Your professionalism is obvious and your passion for your work really shines thru... so I wouldnt change a thing!