Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skin Care Routine - Acne Prone Skin

I should share my skin care routine, as long as I'm sharing what I eat. This will help determine if everything is working together while I go Wheat-Free to try and clear up my skin.
Night - Wash with No7 Makeup Remover Wipes, apply prescribed Clindamycin and moisturize with Olay 7 Night Cream.
Morning - Wash with Neutrogena Acne Stress Control, apply prescribed Clindamycin, and Moisturize with No7 Protect & Perfect Day Cream.

Twice a week I use this No7 Total Renewal Microdermabrasion and also apply No7 Pore Refining Serum before my moisturizer.

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Jennifer Wood said...

I just found your blog via pinterest. I love it! I am going to subscribe and check it out. I love that you are trying to find a solution for the breakouts. I too have acne and try to figure out what causes it, but I just cant seem to win. Its so hard to deal with acne. Its embarrasing. I love your recipes as well. I am trying to live a healthier lifestlye and am always looking to try new things.