Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inspiring the Creative Process

Getting Creative is Easier Than You Think.

First things first, get off the computer.

Really. As a creative person who spends hours sitting at my computer, you would think I would suggest sitting down at the computer and just start creating. Not a chance.

Listen, computers are distracting. You have email alerts, reminders, social media calling your name, and many other internet games and apps just begging for your attention. All of this creates confusion and anxiety. Not exactly breeding ground for great ideas or inspiration.

There are many roadblocks to the creative highway. Mainly distractions, deadlines and too much to do interfere with our creative process.

Sometimes with the pressure of deadlines, we find ourselves jumping into a project and inventing it as we go. Ok, this sort of works and can produce a decent result sometimes.

Decent, sort of and sometimes are not the words you want to use when describing your masterpiece.
Our best ideas occur when we are doing something else.

I think about the times that I am most creative and have the best ideas. Usually I am out running, taking a bath or doing yoga. Suddenly, there is no pressure, I can slow down on the inside and actually think.

An awesome approach to getting the creative juices flowing is to walk away from the computer and grab a sharpie. Find a piece of paper or a cardboard box, who cares. Just start drawing stick figures or writing buzz words. You might find that it’s much easier to think conceptual at this point. Perhaps new and creative ideas will flow.

Sometimes it works wonders to start writing down your dreams. They may not make sense, but they can sure open you up to an endless horizon of ideas you never imagined were inside your head.

Inspiring Activities

1. Stay up late or get up early. No matter how stupid, get all your thoughts out. Because your creative pipes are blocked up during the work day, taking time outside of the day is often a great way to get creative.

2. Read. You can never read too much. Some of my best ideas came while indulging in a fantasy-filled novel.

3. Try spending the day browsing high-end clothing and home stores. It's amazing what you can gather just by being among somebody else's pride and joy.

4. Eat something different. Either go out to a new restaurant or cook something new. Cooking is an amazing source of inspiration.

5. Get outdoors. Visit a new neighborhood and walk the streets. Admire the landscaping, architecture and colors.

The idea here is to change your routine. The common plan is to do something new. Now you can get back to your computer and bring your creativity to life. You will notice that with a clear plan of what you are going, you will get there faster and with better results.

Super tips to overcome creative block

1. Look at other peoples work for inspiration. Don’t steal their ideas, but be inspired for your own. Look at industry magazines, source books and portfolios.

2. Fix the soundtrack. Try listening to some new music. All art is related and changing the tune can also change the way you look at things.

3. Get enough sleep, exercise and eat better. These 3, are the important things for good health. The brain doesn’t live only on stimulation, it needs to be healthy in order for your thoughts to be clear.

4. Get away from work entirely. Many creatives pride themselves on the fact that they work 24/7. Try some hobby that is not related at all to what you do, and if you haven’t done it in a while, take a vacation.
I would love to hear about you and when you feel the most creative. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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