Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photoshop Tutorial - Vintage Photo Effect

Vintage Photo Effect

This tutorial will teach you how to apply an awesome vintage photo effect using Photoshop. This is a simple effect and the end result is sweet! I am using CS6, but the same tutorial can be done in earlier versions of Photoshop.

Step One: Choose and open your photo in Photoshop.

Step Two: Adjust the image using Curves.

Go to Image > Adjustment > Curves. We’re going to lighten up the photo by clicking on the rightmost eyedropper icon, which we will use to set the white point of the image. Click on the brightest white you can find in the photo.

Step Three: Add a Gradient Map.

Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map. Press Ok. Then double click the new layer to open the gradient editor and choose the Blue - Yellow gradient preset. Check the Reverse option.

Step Four: Change the Opacity of the Gradient Map layer.

In the Layers panel, drop the Opacity down to 30%.

Step Five: Add a Curves Adjustment layer.

Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves. Make sure this layer is under the Gradient Map layer that we created in Step 3. We’re going to give our image a little more brightness and contrast by adjusting the curves.

Step Six: Add an Inner Shadow Layer Style.

In the Layers Panel, double-click on the Background layer and click OK to unlock it. Next, go to Layer > Layer Style > Inner Shadow and apply the settings shown here.

Step Seven: Add a Gradient Overlay Layer Style.

Go to Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay. Change the Style to Radial and use the Black, White gradient preset as shown here.

Step Eight: Adjust the Color Balance.

Go to Image> Adjustments > Color Balance. Change the Color Balance as shown here.

Tutorial Summary.

This is it. Easy, right? Feel free to play with the blur and color levels to get the effect you want.

I would love to see or hear about your results!
Please feel free to share other Tutorials you found helpful.

Thank you!

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